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Oct 08

Boating Technology, Fishing With Dynamite!

BREAKING NEWS: Winter is coming.

We know...Trust us, we know.

However, even though the boat is in storage, it doesn’t mean you can’t still sink a line in your lake of choice. (#welovebomo)

And fishing ain’t like it used to be.

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Sep 19

Woodard Early Bird Special

We're sad to admit this, and we're sorry to bring it up--Not everyone can leave their boat in the water until the last possible second.

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Sep 11

Three Reasons to Boat in the Fall

Friday: 4:37 in the PM. It’s been one hell of a week. The boss comes down on you for the sake of coming down on you. Clients are complaining because you're the one person they can complain to without being sued. And your spouse is pissed because “we don’t do anything fun anymore”.

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Aug 21

Three Ways Buying a Boat Today Could Benefit Your Future

Everything seems to be a “hot take” these days, doesn’t it? Well, if you looked under hot take in Encyclopedia Britannica, you know what you would find? THIS SUMMER! (Teachable Moment: This is the opposite of literally, which is figurative, you’re welcome.) Anyway, you don’t have a pool because who can afford the upkeep? In some cases, it can and will affect the resale value of your home. You “like” to play golf, for fun … Know what’s not fun? Sweating to the point where your skin is covered in Gorilla Glue; everything sticks. (Again, not literally. Figuratively.) So, you do the logical thing, lock yourself in-house, three feet from your window air conditioning unit, binge-watching reality TV where people are, you know, having fun. Wanna know why they’re having fun? Wait for it. THEY’RE ON A BOAT! (How could you not have seen this coming?)

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Buying A Boat, Benefits of Buying a Boat

Jun 19

Celebrate Castleton & Lake Bomoseen Boat Parade

The 4th of July is only a short couple of weeks away which gives you just enough time to deck out your boat for the Boat Parade! This years theme? American Fun!  Make sure to sign up at Woodard Marine to be eligible for prizes! 

The Boat Parade leaves from Woodard Marine. The judging stations are at The Lake House & entrance to the channel.

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Jun 05

No Boat, No Problem!

Woodard Marine is well equipped to provide you with the summertime water adventure you’ve been searching for! Let’s clear up one of the biggest, fun-in-the-sun myths first though.

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Apr 25

News Alert: Lake Bomoseen Ice-Out

Rainy days and strong winds might have us running for cover right now, but Summer is just around the corner!

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Apr 11

Top 5 Boating Lakes in Vermont

Do us a favor, close your eyes. Okay, no, don’t do that, we need you to read this.  How about this, use something you haven’t used in a while, your imagination. Pretend you’re a kid, and if you have kids, pretend you’re them.  Pretend you’re on your brand-new boat. In front of you is the eternal blue highways splashing mist on your face. Oh, and your face is getting a Swedish massage from the wind blowing against it. Oh, and the wind, it’s stroking your hair with the whisper of a brush of air.

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Dec 06

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…” For Boat Buyers

Ah, December. Time off from work, the excitement of seeing loved ones, wrapping up the year and preparing for the next. While most people are only focused on the holidays, it may actually be the perfect opportunity to buy your dream boat for the summer. So be proactive! Experienced boat buyers recognize the Holiday Season as “The Best Time to Buy a Boat” Season. It’s no secret that it is a struggle for dealers to sell at this time of year. There are more than a few reasons for this:

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Nov 06

Buy A Boat, Save For College! It's That Simple.


College tuition has become an incredible expense for most families and costs are rising each year. We are so pleased to announce that Woodard Marine is an active partner in the CollegeSave Program! 

What is the CollegeSave Program, exactly? 

With the CollegeSave program, you can save thousands on tuition at over 370 colleges with guaranteed scholarships for your kids, grandkids, stepkids, nieces, nephews or any child in your fa

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