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Dec 06

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…” For Boat Buyers

Ah, December. Time off from work, the excitement of seeing loved ones, wrapping up the year and preparing for the next. While most people are only focused on the holidays, it may actually be the perfect opportunity to buy your dream boat for the summer. So be proactive! Experienced boat buyers recognize the Holiday Season as “The Best Time to Buy a Boat” Season. It’s no secret that it is a struggle for dealers to sell at this time of year. There are more than a few reasons for this:

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Nov 06

Buy A Boat, Save For College! It's That Simple.


College tuition has become an incredible expense for most families and costs are rising each year. We are so pleased to announce that Woodard Marine is an active partner in the CollegeSave Program! 

What is the CollegeSave Program, exactly? 

With the CollegeSave program, you can save thousands on tuition at over 370 colleges with guaranteed scholarships for your kids, grandkids, stepkids, nieces, nephews or any child in your fa

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Aug 16

#HookedOnBomo 2017



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May 03

Top 5 Dry Cell Phone Accessories for Boating

One aspect of modern boating that the boating life lover of yesteryear never had to consider is how to keep electronic devices safe and dry while out on the water. While cell phones have been around for a while, it is the emergence of smartphones as our constant companions that has resulted in the need to add dry cell phone accessories to your boating supplies.

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Mar 28

Boating Time: Spring Start-Up Checklist

With Spring finally here, boaters everywhere can rejoice because they can begin the process of getting their boats out of winter storage and getting them ready for the water. Anyone that loves the boating life enjoys this ritual, as it signifies the start of another exciting year in the sun and out of the water. 

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Mar 14

Boat Show Season 2017 Is Back and Better Than Ever!

If you missed the Burlington Boat Show this past weekend, no worries! We've got another awesome event coming your way. 

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Feb 08

7 IOS Boating Apps You'll Want to Download Immediately

At Woodard Marine, we like to play as hard as you do. We’re located in one of the greatest areas for boating in the world - sandwiched between the Great Lakes to the west and the North Atlantic to the east. We’ve seen some changes in boating since 1960, but we’ve kept up with the times, and we’ve all downloaded some amazing boating apps lately. We wanted to share the best ones for iOS with you.

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Boating Technology

Sep 07

4 Awesome Boating Apps for Kids

It’s no secret that children today are more likely to learn more about the world through their smartphone than directly. And so it’s important that children have direct access to the world of boating through their smartphone applications. We’ve discovered a number of outstanding boating-based apps

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Sep 07

10 Boating Service Tips from Woodard Marine

Here at Woodward Marine, we’re committed to helping boaters maximize their experiences on the water. One way we follow through on this commitment is to help boaters maintain and care for their vessels. In this latest post, we present 10 boating service tips

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Aug 17

The Olympics Inspire Our Love For Boating


The Olympics – The Perfect Time to Grow Your Love For Boating

It’s that time on the sporting calendar once again, where athletes from across the globe compete against one another for the chance at glory for themselves and their country. It’s a momentous occasion that presents an opportunity

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